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Évolution d’une technologie ancienne

Conférence de Chris Buckley (University of Oxford)

le 16 février 2016 à 16h

A weaver of the Maa ethnicity, using one of the simplest types of loom found in East Asia (braced with the back and feet). Ta Lai village in southern Vietnam (Photo Chris Buckley)

Institute of Archaeology
University College London)
Room 209,
Gower Street – London – WC1E 6BT


The talk will discuss two studies of contemporary Asian weaving cultures: one is a micro-level study of how weaving culture is transmitted and sustained, the other a macro-level study of technologies and techniques used across the region. The talk will compare the two and show how macro level patterns arise from micro-level processes, and discuss the wider implications, particularly for how technology evolves in traditional societies.

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