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Christo abandonnera une installation prévue dans le Colorado pour protester contre Donald Trump

Publié le 30/1/2017 –

Cette installation, conçue avec sa femme Jeanne-Claude, intitulée Over the River, prévoyait la suspension de rubans de tissu argenté à travers une étendue de 42 miles de la rivière Arkansas.

Christo has already sunk $15 million of his own money into the project, and persisted through 20 years of legal battles with a Coloradan opposition group, which claim the installation would endanger the local ecosystem. The reason the 81-year-old artist gave for walking away from the project? Trump. Christo has said he cannot work on a project that will in any way benefit the new president. Since Trump sits at the top of a federal government, which owns the land, he is, Christo says, technically its landlord. Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s site-specific projects typically draw an influx of tourism and money; last year, their Floating Piers (2014-2016) drew over 1.2 million visitors to Lake Iseo in Italy.

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