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8e Biennale internationale d’art textile WTA: Sustainable city

Publié le 21/1/2019 –

Du 17 septembre au 3 novembre 2019, à Madrid

For the year 2019 the organization will celebrate the jump to Europe, Spain, to host the 8th International Biennial of contemporary textile art WTA.

8th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art WTA Sustainable city puts the focus on those artists who choose to express themselves through fibers and wefts, resignifying with their work the very concept of “textile art”, to limit it and make it explode in its multiple connotations of meaning.

Crossing borders and combining disciplines, the participating artists start from the fibers to merge with new technologies and venture into different lines of research, hybridizing searches and questioning categories, but keeping the textile as an integrating concept. Using as main theme the concept “Sustainable City”.

The World Textile Art Organization–WTA was created in 1997 by Colombian textile artist Pilar Tobón, and its headquarters are in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. Seven biennials have taken place to date: two in the United States, one in Venezuela, one in Costa Rica, one in Argentina, one in Mexico and one in Uruguay .

The Biennial goals are to:

Strengthen, encourage, and promote artistic manifestation of contemporary textiles at local, national, and international levels.
Provide an experiential event —one of a kind in the Americas— bringing together creators and their artworks of textile art with the  public at-large.
Create a sensitive audience toward this cultural and artistic manifestation.
Strengthen solidarity ties among artists from all over the world and the local public.

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