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First European Wool Day

Publié le 2/4/2021 –

Vendredi 9 avril de 10 h à 16 h GMT

The European Wool Day is an original initiative of the EWE Foundation, but totally open to anybody interested in the issue of European wool. Everybody can participate and organise events in her/his country. Participation is free!
The purpose of the day is to gather people who deal with wool (processing, craft, history and tradition, etc) in Europe, to offer them a platform for presentation, and to build up a permanent European network. Two locations, one in Cyprus and one in Rome, will be open during the day, presenting live streaming local reports, demonstrations, special procedures, and knitting groups. At the same time, there will be connections internationally to exchange comments and information among countries.
This is an online event via Zoom; registration required :

A voir également la vidéo d’un mouton australien couvert de 25 kg de laine parce quil n’avait pas été tendu depuis 5 ans :

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