Desert Lines: Batik from Central Australia 🌐

Du 17 Août au 19 novembre 2019

Bendigo Art Gallery 
42 View Street
Bendigo VIC 3550

60 pièces provenant de la collection de la National Gallery of Victoria, chacune illustrant une technique distincte à cinq communautés du désert : Ernabella (Pukatja), Fregon (Kaltjiti), Utopia, Yuendumu and Kintore (Walungurru).

La technique du batik a été introduite auprès des femmes indigènes en 1971 et chaque communauté a développé son approche artistique propre.

This exhibition will highlight the significance of batik work for women of the desert and enable links to be made between batiks and paintings of Pitjantjatjara, Anmatyerr, Alyawarr, Walpiri and Pintupi artists. It will also reveal differences in iconography, subject matter, palette and approaches to the hot wax and painting mediums across time and space. 

Desert women are interconnected through ceremony, constant travel and closeness to their traditional country. Their art in any medium is empowered by an understanding of sacred sites and the ancestral world. Batik making has been joyously embraced because it affords women an opportunity to meet, exchange stories, sing and make art. It parallels their painting up big for inma, awely and yawulyu ceremonies, telling sand stories, going hunting and sharing bush foods.