Anna Torma: Permanent Danger 🌐

Du 7 août 2020 au 1er mars 2021

Textile Museum of Canada
55 Centre Avenue
Ontario, Canada

L’artiste montre, par ses broderies, la profonde implication qu’elle porte au monde dans lequel elle vit. Leur style graphique est très personnel.

Anna Torma’s large embroideries are complex expressions of her experiences of family, immigration, joy, and the act of creation. Her works are richly layered narratives with references to popular culture, thrift shop aesthetics, and traditional Hungarian textiles. ​
The exhibition takes its title – Permanent Danger – from a 2017 piece of the same name, making reference to human strife and vulnerability, threatened natural environments, and the highs and lows of daily life. The installation will comprise 15 large-scale works made since 2011.