Turtle Island – Marie Watt 🌐

Du 15 octobre 2020 au 31 janvier 2021


299 Grand Street
New York
NY 10002

Marie Watt est une artiste contemporaine qui vit et travaille à Portland, en Oregon. Inscrit dans la Nation Seneca, Watt a créé des œuvres principalement avec des arts textiles et une collaboration communautaire centrée sur divers thèmes amérindiens.

Her use of textiles is a central tenet of her work. Whether a shirt or a blanket, these are items that protect us against cold and external dangers. In Companion Species (Guardian/Auntie) she uses reclaimed army blankets, which are used to camouflage and conceal their human counterparts in nature. These earthen green blankets embody landscapes while holding, protecting, and shielding and underline the reinforcing link between the object and the narrative. For over 15 years Watt has been creating hand sewn tapestries, often realized through collaboration with sewing circles around North America. For Watt the use of secondhand blankets is essential; they come imbued with life, embedded with their own history and stories.