The Spirit Wraps Around You : Northern Northwest Coast Native Textiles 🌐

Du 8 mai au 9 octobre 2021

Alaska State Museum

L'exposition retrace l'histoire des textiles sacrés nommés « Ravens Tail » et « Chilkat robes ».

Two dozen robes carry the story of Native weaving among the Tsimshian, Haida, and Tlingit of Alaska and British Columbia, representing both ancient and modern ceremonial robes made by Alaska Natives and First Nations weavers. Woven from the plush white fur of mountain goats, these robes were seen by early Euro-American visitors to the northern Northwest Coast when they contacted First Nations and Alaska Native people. Their use is reserved for sacred ceremonies, where dancers wear them to display the crests of their clans. In the 1900s, only a few weavers carried these unique traditions into the 21st century.