About us

After the Dri A Di, Textile/Art and Textile/Art/Industries reviews, TEXTILE/ART today is an information and research website on textile creation.

The publications are free and depend only on the choices of the animators.

TEXTILE/ART is the name of a quarterly revue that appeared from the spring of 1980 to the summer of 1985. It succeeded the revue DRI A DI that was created in 1976 by the same association Le Groupe Tapisserie. After the summer of 1985 three issues of a revue called Textile Art Industries continued and marked the end of the publishing venture. Through the changes of title, the collaborators of the three revues intended to show the evolution over the years from classic tapestry to industrial textiles by way of contemporary fiber art. But fiber art always claimed to be specific, dialoguing with, or confronting other plastic and visual art forms as well as the technological innovations and the language of textiles in other civilizations.

TEXTILE/ART is the spirit of a team that wanted to reach a public for whom fiber was a profession, a field of study, a passion, or a means of daily expression and, above all, to re-examine the potential for creativity and communication generated by fiber and to facilitate reflection on its role in civilization.

TEXTILE/ART was also a documentation center in Paris, that created thematic dossiers, organized exhibitions, training sessions and conférences. A specialized book shop, "Tee Pee", related to these activities was active for a dozen years.

TEXTILE/ART today is an internet site run by Nadia Prete, Jean-François Mathieu, Françoise Pelenc et Louise-Emma Vasserot. It makes it possible to consult the different elements of this adventure (summaries of all old issues, archives, names of the journal's collaborators, a bibliography, the search tool) and to be aware of new developments in textile creation, through the tabs expositions, nouvelles inspirations, vidéos, liens documentaires.